Thank you for stopping by… We’re going to have a lot of fun with your Senior Portraits!

One of my favorite things about working with Seniors is that we get to be really expressive throughout your session.

The best place we get to do this is with your outfits. First and foremost you should feel confident AND comfortable in what you’re wearing. As long as that’s covered we’re off to a great start.


  • Words or graphic on your clothes.
  • Tears and holes.
  • White socks (dark or fun socks are better).
  • Loud or distracting patterns.
  • Colors you wouldn’t find in nature.
  • Clothes that you can’t sit or move around in.


  • Layers and textures (ex: skirt + leggings, plaid shirt with black jacket, lace, knit materials).
  • Mild patterns (ex: tiny floral prints, plaid, stripes, polka dots, sequins).
  • Purple (great on guys and girls, any skin tone, and any location).
  • Accessories.
  • Anything personal or sentimental.
  • Cute shoes.
  • Workable outfits (Jacket on, jacket off. Hat on, hat off. Scarf on, scarf off… you get the idea.)

Need more specific ideas? Check out my pinterest board for outfit ideas 🙂

Please contact me for full session info + booking.

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