Stephanie + Renee | Intimate Elopement at Five Pine Lodge

Newly wed brides kissing in the sunlight through trees at Five Pine Lodge

Sometimes folks think that because they’re having an intimate service that they don’t need a photographer… well obviously I disagree. Stephanie + Renee had a small service on the lawn at Five Pine Lodge on an off/on rainy fall day. It was mostly family in attendance with a few friends, but that didn’t stop them…

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Margaux + Ron | Chicago Wedding Photography

I’d really love to tell you all about my 5 day trip to Chicago to photograph one of my bestie’s wedding, but then this would never get posted. Seriously, it was a jam PACKED long weekend full of food, food, food, hugs, car rides, mani/pedi dates, massages, new babies, birthdays, and more food… oh yea…

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Chelsea + Tristen | Salem, Oregon Wedding Photography

Some weddings have so much emotion, spirit, and flare that you know you’ll be talking about it for years. That was Tristen + Chelsea’s wedding. I’ve known Tristen since high school and was thrilled when he and Chelsea announced their engagement two years ago. P.S. I knew it was coming for like a year. I…

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