Authentic Storytelling Thoughtful Photography_0121This is awesome! I can’t help but get excited when I tell people about what I do.

Born and raised in the Mid-Willamette Valley I’m 110% Oregonian baby! I’ve never owned an umbrella – that’s what hats and hoods are for, though my camera tends to disagree – and I find the sound of 8-ish months of rain quite comforting. In the city or on the trail I enjoy spending my time outside. I love my family, coffee, owls, old B&W photographs, Polaroids, cheese, pretty things, and Corgis.

I graduated with my BFA in Photography from Oregon State in 2008. When I started school I was so ready to be that poor artist-photographer with my bathroom converted into a darkroom, slinging coffee to buy more film. As I worked through my program and graduation approached I realized there was nothing glamorous about being a starving artist, especially if I was actually starving. A couple small business classes later and I was ready to load my gear to begin my journey as a photographer AND small business owner. Weird. It was one of the scariest and most worthwhile things I’ve ever done.

I’ve embraced that I’m a formalist in mild-hiding. Lines, color, contrast, texture, and space stand out to me wherever I look. Even when photographing portraits I use these elements to create an active and dynamic scene. I am constantly working, learning, and seeking out ways to improve my composition and technical skills while engaging my clients. When working with a wedding party or family I want, most importantly, for everyone to have a good time. Great portrait photography happens when people are naturally smiling and enjoying themselves.

Currently based in Bend, Oregon. Excited to work in new locations.