Whether it’s for business cards, freshening up your social media profile, or for updating your webpage/blog having quality headshots can make or break a first impression. That is why we are going to take special care to make sure you look your best for your close-up.

We’ll begin with a mini Creative Consultation. We’ll discuss what clothes to wear, how to incorporate your business or interests, what props + accessories to bring to your upcoming session, as well as schedule a location, date, and time.

I recommend scheduling an appointment with your favorite local salon before your session to help you look your best! It doesn’t need to be anything super fancy, but a quick shampoo + style for your hair, and a professional hand for your make-up will make sure your portraits shine.

Our session will be 30 minutes of jam-packed photography on-location or in-studio. Together we will maximize the locations’ features to give you the most variety possible. A workable outfit is best for variety as it will be easy to change by removing a jacket or scarf for example. You will receive hi-res files via Dropbox by the following Friday.

Headshots start at $150.