Amanda Long Wedding Photographer

Hello friends!

This is awesome! I can’t help but get excited when I tell people about what I do.

Born and raised in the Mid-Willamette Valley I’m 110% Oregonian baby! I’ve only recently owned an umbrella – but I swear I only use it for my camera. ; ) Central Oregon is the home of my heart. I love exploring everything Bend has to offer by snowshoe, bike, and on horseback. The scenery takes my breath away every. single. day. ...but I'll take most any opportunity to travel somewhere new.

I graduated with my BFA in Photography from Oregon State in 2008. When I started school I was so ready to be that poor artist-photographer with my bathroom converted into a darkroom, slinging coffee to buy more film. I soon realized that more than photography itself, I loved telling a story with my photographs. A couple small business classes later and I was ready to load my gear to begin my journey as a wedding photographer AND small business owner. It was one of the scariest and most worthwhile things I’ve ever done.

I’ve embraced that I’m a formalist in mild-hiding. Lines, color, contrast, texture, and space stand out to me wherever I look. Even when photographing weddings I use these elements to create an active and dynamic scene. I am constantly working, learning, and seeking out ways to improve my composition and technical skills while engaging and cultivating a relationship with my clients. Especially when working at weddings it's important to me that everyone is having a good time. Great portrait photography happens when people are naturally smiling and enjoying themselves.

Based in Bend, Oregon. Available for adventures!