Can you believe?

Just a couple short months ago I met Hannah + Max in personal for the first time… but it already feels like we known each other for ages.
I joined them at Five Pine Lodge for their weekend elopement and a snowy adventure on Black Butte! They helped each other get ready [love!] in their cabin; showering each other with affirmations and affection. After we returned from our snowy adventure… oh wait side story: So we made the short drive to Black Butte and parked on the side of the road once we liked the amount of snow on the trees. Soon after we got started a big SUV full of people came up the road. We made room for them to safely pass us – as the approached they rolled down their windows and yelled congratulations and how beautiful they both looked!!! Yaaay!!! Hannah and Max were beaming and it added so much positivity to the day. 🙂 Ok… after we returned it was time for their ceremony. Max and Hannah approached the front from the sides, but at the same time to enter the space as equals. They thanked everyone who logged in to their zoom call – from multiple time zones – to watch them officially start their lives together.

Once again I have to let them and their photos do the talking. I honestly feel like I have no words for how beautiful their love is, how precious they are to each other.
I am completely honored to have been there to celebrate their commitment. Congratulations Hannah + Max!!!

What’s your favorite thing about each other?
[Hannah] I love how calm, steady, consistent, focused, reliable, and grounded Max is, and how he makes me feel this way when I am around him. How loving he is, and how unwavering he is in his truth and knowing. He inspires me daily, and am truly in awe by our love. It transcends anything else I’ve ever experienced.
[Max] I love how much joy Hannah has in her heart. She experiences feelings with all of her heart and body. I love how easy it is to be with her no matter what we are doing. I especially love how she brings out the best in me and sees the best in any situation. She has a strong conviction of who she is and how she fits into this life and it inspires me to strive for this. Our love is so deep and complex and I am grateful every day for her and our love for each other.

Venue + Cupcakes // Five Pine Lodge
Floral // Woodland Floral
Officiant // Rev. Chris Lewis
Photography // Amanda [Photographic] Long

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