Ok first let me say that these Five Pine elopements/micro weddings are such a blessing.
The lodge provides a cabin for the weekend, flowers, an officiant, cupcakes, and witnesses if needed. Plus you can bring your fur baby and up to 6 guests! AMAZING! I know so many couples have been struggling to find a solution for the COVID wedding issue. They don’t want to wait another year (maybe more?), they still want it to be special, and this dream team really knows how to make it happen. I’ve gotten a lot of inquiries this season for elopements there and it’s always so beautiful…

Back to Alanna + Tyler!
They met as many do these days, online. Their first date was at a bar in NE Portland and their second date was a huge Thai meal during Portland dining month. …I’m sensing a pattern. They had been talking about getting married for a while… “We were on a camping trip in June, and were on a hike around Glacier National Park’s Lake MacDonald at sunset. Ty [asked when we] stopped to watch the sun set over the mountains.”

What’s your favorite thing about each other?
[Ty] I love Alanna’s empathy and her sense of humor. I feel like we get each other… most of the time.
[Alanna] I love that Ty is empathetic, and thoughtful and kind. He is silly, and makes an excellent human blanket when I have had a rough day at work.

PS Ty’s vows literally made Rev Chris Lewis tear up. …wow!

Venue + Cupcakes // Five Pine Lodge
Floral // Woodland Floral
Officiant // Rev. Chris Lewis
Photography // Amanda [Photographic] Long

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