It’s finally here!
Remember Staci + Blair from their awesome hike to Proxy Falls for their engagement session? Well it’s time to celebrate their wedding!

Staci had not one but THREE favorite parts of the day…
1. First look. I was soooo excited for Blair to finally see my dress. That moment when he finally uncovered his eyes and we kissed. Also, giving him the boudoir book at first look was amazing.
2. When Blair and I looked out at the ceremony area 15 minutes before it started and saw a completely empty seating area. Then we looked to the right and saw all of our friends and guests playing games and enjoying the beer/margaritas/wine pre-ceremony. Why not start the party right when you arrive?
3. The dance party. The whole dance party was phenomenal, but the during the song “Shout” when I was in the middle of all my friends, everyone was singing, throwing their hands up, smiling, laughing – it was like a scene from a movie. I cried. The 150 person long conga line was pretty epic, too!

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