Kelly + Aaron | Puppy Love at Gorge Crest Vineyards

Remember how I hoped that Tonks + Dobie would be included in Kelly + Aaron’s wedding? Well this adorable fur-family did not disappoint!

Kelly + Aaron have adventurous spirits – they’re always out on some kind of weekend hike, snowboarding, or soaking up some lake time. So it only made sense that they chose Gorge Crest Vineyards for their venue, with a PERFECT view of Mt Hood [their home mountain] and the awe inspiring wanderlust it inspires.

Q1: What was your favorite part of the day?
[Kelly] My favorite part of the day was walking down for the first look with Aaron. I was not expecting the wave of emotions and almost nervousness that I felt walking towards him. Once he turned around, I could not stop smiling!
[Aaron] My favorite part of the day was making the commitment to Kelly. The feeling of both of us standing there and agreeing to be together forever.
Q2: What are you enjoying most about married life?
[Kelly] This is going to sound silly, but I love just calling him my husband ๐Ÿ™‚
[Aaron] Now that we are married I am enjoying the bond we built before and watching it grow to this new point. We have become even more in tune, stronger and closer than ever before. I am grateful for the work we put in before and reaping the benefits now.
Q3: What advice do you have to share with others?
[Kelly] Take in every second on your wedding day – spend some alone time with your new husband. Everyone says it goes fast but I couldn’t believe how quickly the day went.
[Aaron] My biggest piece of advice would be to stay strong to what you want out of your day. One of the things that made me happiest our of our wedding is we did everything how we wanted it. There can be a lot of pressure to do things a certain way. We really made an effort and discussed what and how we wanted our wedding to look. Even if it makes some family or friends unhappy itโ€™s your day. Do what you want to do.

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