Amber + Powell could not be any more googly-eyed in love.
They planned their wedding at Five Pine Lodge around their two favorite things celebration and family! It was such a joy to see them surrounded by happy tears, high fives, and big hugs.

Q1: What was your favorite part of the day?
[Amber] The ceremony and exchanging our vows. It was so perfect, it felt unreal: the air, the warm sun on my back, the gentle breeze, smell of the pines trees, and birds chirping. Staring into Powell’s eyes while he read his vows to me, and feeling encompassed in his love – then reading my vows to him and promising to always love him. It was more beautiful than I imagined it could be.
[Powell] The vows. It seemed like time stopped. There’s more, but that’s for my wife and I to share. It seems like there are few things these days left private (e.g., off of social media) so I like to reserve these things for just us. 🙂

Q2: What are you enjoying most about married life?
[Amber] Feeling like our marriage is this precious thing that I want to nurture and protect on a level I’ve never felt in any relationship. Knowing that this is a lifelong commitment, something we will build and share, only amplifies those feelings and how wonderful it is.
[Powell] Sharing our lives together, getting to wake up every day next to my love.

Q3: What advice do you have to share with others?
[Amber] Hire Amanda Long for your photos! Other than that, don’t stress about the details – maintain your awareness of why you’re getting married and enjoy the day with your partner and loved ones.
[Powell] Hire a wedding planner – it will make it easier on your future wife.

Venue + Catering + Dessert // Five Pine Lodge

Floral // Woodland Floral Design

HMUA // Edge Makeup & Hair

Music // Flip Flop Sounds

Photography + Photo Booth// Amanda [Photographic] Long

Second Photographer // Megan Baker

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