April + Clare were 1000000000% surrounded by love and support on their wedding day.
It was a scorching hot day in Portland and everyone was seeking refuge in the shade with a cool drink… or in their rooms with the AC blasting!

April and her bride’s-folks played a (new to me) card game on the Jupiter Hotel patio while Clare and her bride’s-folks were upstairs sipping on yummy drinks. You could feel the deep connection between everybody present and that energy only grew as more and more people started arriving throughout the day.

My favorite part of the whole day… ok there were two favorites: 1. The first look! I knew that April wouldn’t be able to hold it together once she saw BOMBSHELL Clare. It was perfect! Everyone cheered for them from the hotel balconies! 2. The champagne flutes instead of flowers. Instead of having holding flowers everyone, wedding party, and guests held champagne flutes for a post-kiss wedding toast. Brilliant idea!!!

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