Sometimes sessions don’t go as planned… and you know you have a really great couple to work with when they’re down for whatever adventure the day brings!

Kelly and Aaron are big time snowboarders. They’re all too aware of how snow conditions can change quickly, especially early in the season. The 3 of us were watching the forecast and snow levels in the days leading up to their session. Living in Portland, it’s not the shortest drive to come to Bend and Mt Bachelor, but the snow was better here than at Mt Hood so we went for it. …that is until the snow started to melt. 🙁 Overnight the temps started to rise and so did the snow line. We met up at a very-not-at-all-snowy Wanoga Sno-Park to make a plan; which ended up being go to Bachelor and play in what little snow was available. The snow gods smiled on our determination and started dumping snow of all shapes and sizes on us and their 2 pups – Tonks & Dobie – who were very excited by the change of scenery.

Aaron and Kelly are a super sweet couple. Between warming up our hands and throwing snow balls for Dobie & Tonks there was lots of laughter, gentle rough housing in the snow, and plenty of smoochin. One thing that we did get to keep from our original plan was a short hot chocolate with marshmallows picnic. The warm mugs were welcome in cold hands as was the snuggling.

As you might guess the dogs were present and part of the proposal as well. I’m hoping the trend will continue and they’ll get to be ring and/or flower dogs too!

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