What a fun way to explore a little of Mt Bachelor’s summer side!

I first met Jess in Corvallis after she relocated to the area and joined a ladies business group that I was in. She joined with her own small business, JessBFit, which as you might guess from the name is focused on fitness training …but Jess isn’t your average fitness trainer. Jess believes that physical activity should never be used as punishment – drop and give me 20! – but that instead it should be considered a reward for dedication and hard work. Through play, natural movement, and exploring the outdoors she guides others to their goals of physical freedom. I met Aaron on a training hike up Marys Peak in the Oregon Coast Range and could instantly see how they complimented each other.

Fast forward a few years we moved to Bend and discover that Jess and Aaron had also been pondering moving to Bend! Hooray!!! A few short months later and we’re riding up the lift at Mt. Bachelor trying to not get run-over by mountain bikers as we cross the trails to find epic views of the Cascades. This was also my first opportunity to see the softer side of their relationship with lots of snuggles in between playful bouts and piggy-back rides.

I can’t even begin to say what a blessing it’s been to have these two in Central Oregon. They are community focused and have been monumentally helpful while we prepared for John’s recent foot rebuild. I hope that the four of us can have some snowy adventures this winter and summit some mountains next summer!!!

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