amanda photographic now based in Bend, Oregon serving western united states

My head is still spinning! We have officially been here for 11 days and it’s still sinking in that we’ve moved over the mountains to Central Oregon.

John and I fell in crazy love with the desert after our first motorcycle tour in 2014 where we traveled through 8 states, covering 3,700 miles in just 12 days. The Oregon high desert has had a special place in our hearts ever since we started spending┬álong weekends at Hart Mountain (thanks Bob!). We knew that we wanted to live in Bend, we only needed the right opportunity to bring us out here. After a couple years of development, training, working, interviewing, and more development John was offered a position at Bend Research and I was ready to move my photography business to BOOMING Bend! So far we’re completely head over heels for the views, the food, the people, and all the activities that are readily available. …SNOW!!!!


Q: What’s John doing at Bend Research?

A: Science. lol… he’ll be doing basically the same thing he was doing in Corvallis, but for a company that really really really wants him. Today was his first day!


Q: Are you still going to photograph weddings in the Willamette Valley?

A: Yes! I already serve all of Oregon, Washington, Northern California, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado; so this really doesn’t change anything (business wise) except where my address is and how far I have to drive to get to a venue. I still LOVE to work in new places and am happy to travel for your special day.


Q: Are your prices going to change? Will you come to Corvallis for a mini-session?

A: Yes, but they were going to anyway. Yes, they will be more organized and grouped into mini-session weekends.


Q: How will you talk with your clients and develop that good relationship that’s so important to you?

A: I already use skype or facetime a lot for clients that live out of town. I make every effort to meet with every couple in person at least once before their wedding rehearsal. I’ll probably even more strongly encourage engagement sessions so that I have a good excuse to travel to them.


Q: Are you scared about moving your business?

A: Yep! Big changes are naturally terrifying. But I’m soooooo ready for this. I’m excited to explore all the beautiful┬ánatural areas, parks, and venues. It also doesn’t hurt that one of my best gal pals – Abby of AE Creative – has lived in Bend (moved from Corvallis) for over a year now and her wedding planning, rentals, and stationary business is a-boomin’! She’s given me so much encouragement over the last several weeks leading up to the big move and immediately welcomed us both to Bend.


Q: Can I come visit?

A: Please do!!!

Anyway… I mostly just wanted to make this official announcement so that you all could be part of his HUGE new adventure. Get ready to see some crazy beautiful landscape and night photography while we get settled in. >>> NEW MAILING ADDRESS: PO Box 7734 Bend, Or 97708