Rosalinda + Jeremy | Destination DIY Pi-Day Wedding

Rosalinda + Jeremy DIY Destination Pi Day Wedding Portland Oregon

First wedding of the year and my no-weddings-getting-rained-on good luck finally wore off.
Rosalinda + Jeremy planned an epic celebration for their DIY, destination, Pi-Day wedding and a little Oregon rain wasn’t going to stop them from having a great weekend!

Rosalinda + Jeremy live near Sacramento, CA – but fell in love with Portland a long time ago. With friends and family already traveling they figured why not have a fun destination weekend where breweries abound?!

The activities started on Friday with a distillery tour followed by games, crafts, and desserts at the Jupiter Hotel’s Dream Box. Most the folks who arrived on Friday were part of the DIY team and in the wedding party – I rarely get to see so many hands busy with wedding crafts. The rain started on Saturday, but it wasn’t so much rain as it was a persistent drizzle. Leave it to the Oregonian in the room to define the exact type of precipitation we were experiencing. The group stayed in good spirits despite the uncooperative weather and we started the morning’s activities/preparations with pie at pi-time on pi-day (3.14.15 at 9:26:53am)… it was perfect and delicious! Everyone had some free time after the pie breakfast was finished, but the original plans to walk to the farmers’ market over the Burnside Bridge were quickly vetoed thanks to the rain. If Rosalinda + Jeremy wanted to give their family and friends a true Portland experience they certainly delivered – fun trip to the market dashed because of last minute rain after weeks of perfect sunny weather. Yep, that’s Oregon!

Fast forward a few hours and we made a quick drive over to a nearby library for some fun with books and portraits before heading to their ceremony location under St. John’s Bridge at Cathedral Park. Waiting for us was growlers full of local beer (notice that the bride’s grandmother knit growler cozies), a bicycle taco cart, and music – BEST WEDDING IDEA EVER! We squeezed in a few more portraits with the wedding party and some kissy faces with R+J before the wedding guests started to arrive in a full sized yellow school bus. Sporting yellow and blue umbrellas friends and family descended on the park and started taking in the tacos and beer! After parents, the wedding party, and Jeremy made their way to the front of platform Rosalinda’s brother, Daniel, walked her down the long stairs to be with her Groom. …but not before a brotherly fist bump. Their good friend, Dave, officiated their ceremony prompting robot dance moves from Jeremy and lots of laughs. A great kiss and lots of bubbles closed the service, after many hugs and well wishes everyone piled back on to the yellow school bus to head back to the Jupiter for the games, crafts, and pie filled reception.

The wedding party and I make a pit stop outside the Downtown Voodoo Doughnuts for a quick photo op, though the line was entirely too long to actually get an doughnuts.

wedding announcement sandwich board

Signage for the Jupiter Hotel in Portland Oregon

Signage for the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland Oregon

DIY Brown bad wedding favor welcome bags

wood round chalk signs

Oreo pi display

dessert display with nutter butters and chocolate fountain

custom pi day wedding t-shrits and 1" buttons

DIY wedding crafts program book

DIY Portland Oregon Pi-Day Wedding Photography_0011

pie display for pi day wedding

view of doug fir and jupiter hotel courtyard

spring primary colors wedding bouquet

spring primary colors wedding boutonniere

engagement ring and wedding bands

wedding rings on DIY ceremony program

primary colors bridesmaid's dress with cardigan and corsage

DIY Portland Oregon Pi-Day Wedding Photography_0022

bridal dress with red rain boots and statement daisy necklace

portland oregon bride in wedding dress with red shoulder jacket

yellow pattern tie with cuff links on table

groom getting ready in hotel room

first look outside jupiter hotel portland oregon

first look outside jupiter hotel portland oregon

first look outside jupiter hotel portland oregon

Bride and Groom portrait Portland Oregon

bride and groom cuddling at library while reading books

DIY Portland Oregon Pi-Day Wedding Photography_0031

DIY Portland Oregon Pi-Day Wedding Photography_0032

DIY Portland Oregon Pi-Day Wedding Photography_0033

wedding bridal party under st john's bridge at cathedral park portland oregon

grand bridal portrait under st john's bridge at cathedral park

bride and groom kissing under st john's bridge at cathedral park portland oregon

groom's details boutonniere yellow tie and garden nomb

bride holding bouquet

DIY Portland Oregon Pi-Day Wedding Photography_0039

DIY Portland Oregon Pi-Day Wedding Photography_0040

DIY Portland Oregon Pi-Day Wedding Photography_0042

DIY Portland Oregon Pi-Day Wedding Photography_0041

DIY Portland Oregon Pi-Day Wedding Photography_0043

DIY Portland Oregon Pi-Day Wedding Photography_0044

brother walks sister down aisle and fist bumps to give her away

DIY Pi Day Wedding Ceremony under st john's bridge at cathedral park portland oregon

DIY Portland Oregon Pi-Day Wedding Photography_0047

groom putting ring on bride's finger and kissing her hand

bride and groom first kiss

bride and groom exiting ceremony

guests blowing bubbles for bride and groom ceremony exit

DIY Portland Oregon Pi-Day Wedding Photography_0052

DIY Portland Oregon Pi-Day Wedding Photography_0053

bride and groom kissing with wedding party outside voodoo doughnuts downtown portland oregon

DIY Portland Oregon Pi-Day Wedding Photography_0055

groom and dad playing cribbage at wedding reception

temporary pi day tattoos with wedding cake and lego cake toppers

bride and groom kissing in photo booth doug fir lounge

Thank you to my wonderful second shooter Beth Olson and assistant Jessica Lazar

Venue // Jupiter Hotel + Cathedral Park
Coordinator // AE Creative
Flowers // Ali Briskey Designs
Catering // Pacific Pie Co. + Taco Pedaler
Reception Bartending // Eastside Distillery
Growlers // Burnside Brewing Co.


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