Some weddings have so much emotion, spirit, and flare that you know you’ll be talking about it for years.

That was Tristen + Chelsea’s wedding.

I’ve known Tristen since high school and was thrilled when he and Chelsea announced their engagement two years ago. P.S. I knew it was coming for like a year. I listened during that year and during their two year engagement as to weather they would wait for Oregon to get it together and legally recognize same-sex marriages or if they should just do it now and get legal when it eventually would happen. They decided not to wait and started planning their special day. …but Oregon pulled through and just a few months before Chelsea + Tristen said ‘I do’.

Their traditional Jewish wedding was one of the most beautiful and tearful ceremonies I’ve ever seen. Tristen was walked in by his parents, followed by their mixed wedding party [guys and gals on both sides], then the cutest ring barer and flower girls you’ve ever seen, and finally STUNNING Chelsea was walked in by her Mother. Tristen met Chelsea in the aisle as she walked around him three times, next it was his turn to walk around Chelsea, and lastly they walked together in a circle three times before going under their Chuppah that was held by Tristen’s Groom’s Folk. Blessings were recited [sang], wine was had… twice, they signed a Ketubah along with their Oregon Marriage Certificate, a friend made EVERYONE cry, and the wine glass was stomped on! The Log House at Willow Lake has a wedding bell that they were all too eager to ring and begin the celebration of their lives together.

It’s seriously been the summer of weddings that make the photographer cry and this one was no exception.

Warning: excessive amount of photos ahead!

Chelsea’s Mother and Sister added a special flower to her bouquet for her “something blue”.

Did you know that Chelsea is part zombie? It’s true. This was completely independent of another photo you’ll see in a minute. You’ll know it when you see it…

…and there you have it.

See, I told you. …they’re ZOMBIES!!!