First let me say that Babs is so amazing!

Not only is a rockin’ burlesque dancer with fabulous routines and humor, she’s also a Portland arborist, smart, and caring. ­čÖé I first met Babs through The Red Raven Follies (please correct me if I’m wrong Babs… that has to be how we met), a burlesque troop from Eugene that was performing at the Majestic Theatre in Corvallis. We did a shoot together later that year and we both realized that there was a big difference between expressions when you’re in motion performing and when you’re in still photographs. I worked during the next year-ish to improve my Salty Bunny style and direction so that when I had the chance to photograph her again it would be as amazing as she is. Awwwwwwww.

Last weekend I was working for another photographer at a couple weddings and stayed overnight in Portland. With a whole Saturday day at my disposal I contacted Babs to set aside some time for us. After a super yummy lunch at Muddy’s Coffeehouse we headed back to her place to decide on outfits and head Downtown to The Nines Hotel. When we reached the 8th floor and walked around the corner of the elevator bank I was so happy with the scene before me. …I had never been there, but Babs assured me that it was THE place for our shoot… and it was. Soft natural light, beautiful and simple leather furniture, and a little corner calling our names.

My only regret is that we didn’t have more time to also photograph some of the costumes for her more humorous skits. …those will come later. Promise. If you want to see Babs perform – and you really should – she has a regular appearance with the Trudy Bauchery┬áVariety Show in Eugene.