You’ve never been anywhere so beautiful AND so delicious as Harris Bridge Vineyard. …and warm, and welcoming, and wonderful.

But that is where I got to spend most of my Saturday last weekend (July 6th).

I began my time there shooting some behind the scenes photos for Yancy Faulkner and his crew who were filming a music video for The Crescendo Show. Before I get in to how amazing that was here’s a little blurb from Yancy:

I was out at Harris Bridge a couple months ago and Nathan played me the music of a local band. “Yancy, you’ve got to hear these kids,” he said “they’re absolutely amazing”. He was right. Their music gave me goosebumps. Nathan said that they need some professional video to match their quality and unique sound. He came up with the idea of having me produce a music video for them, shooting it all out at the vineyard. The band’s whimsical, flowing and folky sound easily conjured up images that matched beautifully with Nathan and Amanda’s Vineyard. From the flowing Mary’s River, to the historic Harris Bridge, to the rows of grapes and finally the railroad tracks. It all fit perfectly and I was pretty sure we could capture those images. Even with very few resources, through proper planning and skilled production (all inspired by enchanting music and an amazingly charming property) we were able to shoot a gorgeous video for them. I am absolutely thrilled about how it turned out and can’t wait to share it with everyone.

…No I can wait for him to share it with everyone! When I first pulled up to the familiar location I spotted the band walking toward the parking lot for a short break from filming. They had been working for about four hours already – and I really really wish I had been able to be there the whole time – and where getting ready to start the next location: the railroad tracks. I checked in with Nathan and Amanda {Harris Bridge owners} then made my way over to the band and four-man film crew. With little introduction I started shooting. I haven’t worked much, ok at all, WITH a videographer so much as try to stay out of each others’ shots during weddings. It was a welcome change of pace to only focus on shooting and not directing.

I listed to the track they were filming for, Yancy and Nathan are right… it’s amazing music, over and over with them. It’s honestly been stuck in my head for the last 10 days, but you won’t hear me complain about this song being on internal repeat. The Crescendo Show and the crew were having fun and getting some killer shots – especially for a FULL SUNNY day. Yep, it was warm. All of this was in advance of the Twilight Concert that they would be performing that evening at the vineyard to celebrate the journey of its existence. You can read more about that on the Harris Bridge Vineyard facebook.

Between filming and the concert the HBV also hosted a fundraiser for Heart of the Valley Birth Center {HVBC}. …it was a busy day out there. I worked the event taking candid photography of the families that attended the picnic style fundraiser. There were games like corn hole, a cake walk {like musical chairs but when the music stops they draw a number and if you’re standing on that number you win a cake. …sounds pretty awesome if you ask me.},  ring toss, and just general fun. There was also a silent auction with LOTS of great items to bid on.   HVBC provided their own old-timey band who sang clever songs about cake for the cake walk along with classic old-time tunes. I can’t say how much they raised, because I really don’t know, but everyone had a good time with old friends, new friends, and families. Yay! This lead up to the Twilight Concert that had an intimate guest list of close friends and HBV supporters.

If all that fun wasn’t enough the whole day was full of laughing at the constant, “Which one are you talking to?” My name is Amanda and Amanda of Harris Bridge Vineyard is named Amanda.  HBV Amanda’s hubby is Nathan, just like one of The Crescendo Show members (in the white shirt). You can imagine the confusion and hilarity that ensued. Back on topic…

Nathan gave a speech before the concert about the beginnings of HBV that gave everyone there a clear understanding of the stuggle he and Amanda went through to see their dream of a vineyard/tasting room in Harris Valley become a reality. The Crescendo Show took the “stage” and began to play. Yancy got back into position and film during the first song while I waited for it to get just a little bit darker for some long exposure shots. It started to get a little chilly after the sun went down; everyone began to bundle in hoodies and lawn blankets, but no one left. The music is beautiful and gripping and you never want to leave. …but eventually I had to.


Many thanks to Nathan + Amanda for having me at HBV for the day, to Yancy and his crew for letting me tag along, and to The Crescendo Show for being SO AWESOME!

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