Grace Herb | Portraits in Downtown Albany

Wow! It was so much fun working with Grace last Friday.

It was the first of our several 90+ days here in the Willamette Valley, but that didn’t stop us from exploring some excellent light and textures in and around Monteith Park in Downtown Albany. We first met up at her house where Mom, Kathy; who won the session in a silent auction, and sister, Carley, asked if they could tag along… the more the merrier I say 🙂 And we began our photo-adventure.

When we arrived at the park I confessed that this would be my VERY FIRST session with my NEW CAMERA. So excited!!! But mostly I told Grace so that it wouldn’t seem too awkward if I had to stop to look up something for my new gear. Not all of said new gear had arrived yet (including my UV filters) so I only brought the one lens I had a filter for: 85mm f/2.8 BAM!!! I also don’t have a lot of experience working with fixed lenses, but after second shooting for Edith Taylor on NYE I was hooked (I got to use her 50mm f/1.4 YUM). Let me just say that I am so pleased with my new camera system thus far. I’ve been reading my manual while photos export, load, and copy and I am super impressed with what is available on this rig. How well it performs these features is yet to be determined, but if it’s anything like the basic functions then LOOK OUT WORLD!!!

As it turns out Grace doesn’t laugh so easily as most girls her age. She didn’t even flinch a cheek muscle at my two talking sausages joke! Seriously. This is where having her big sister with us came in extra handy. I can see where Grace gets her sweet personality. Kathy and Carley are both warm, friendly, and they laugh at my jokes. 😉 We got a few good chuckles out of her, but actually her lack of giggles were perfect for getting some more “high-fashion” -ish expressions. Oh la la.

Grace has a few years before she’s a Senior, but we worked to give her the same experience. It was actually a great warm-up for me as HS Senior Portrait season approaches. dun dun dun! hahaha… Thank you Grace, Kathy, and Carley for a fun and wonderful evening 🙂
high school girl posing on rail road tracks and bridge in blue sparkly tank top on blonde girl in the parkblonde girl posing next to old building in albany oregon