Hi, you've reached Amanda Photographic. I unapologetically and aggressively care about you.

My work is experience and story-focused. You want in that kid's birthday party bouncy house while you're getting ready for your wedding? I will 100% make that happen. ...true story, ask me about it. I strive for authenticity, not just in the relationships I cultivate, but also in how I view and capture your vision. Do I bring a lot of fire? Yes. Am I going to tell you what to do? Only as much as 20 years of experience tells me I need to. Will I swear? Probably, but not in front of littles or your Grandma. If you don't walk away from our time together feeling completely hyped and ready to take on the world then I didn't do my job.

I see like a photographer, compose like a designer, and search for emotion like a painter.

Authentic (adj.) - relating to or denoting an emotionally appropriate, significant, purposive, and responsible mode of human life.

Thoughtful (adj.) - showing careful consideration or attention.

Storytelling (verb) - the conveying of events in words, sounds and/or images often by improvisation.