Telling your story with photography...

Every business, every brand, every event has a purpose - has a story. Whether it's beautiful craft cocktails, locally sourced cuisine, custom floral arrangements, behind the scenes services, or the largest Veteran's Day Parade in Oregon; it is through imagery that you share your vision and its impact.

Part of my ability to capture details and the intention of your business is that I become involved. I want to know who you are and what inspires you! Cultivating a relationship with all of my clients allows me to be your visual voice; to do so authentically and intuitively.

When working with colorful plates of food you'll never see me manipulate the dish. using glue instead of milk for cereal ads. Yep, that's glue. Instead your chef will give me their best presentation and bring it to me at a properly lit location on-site. Your guests should be salivating when they see photographs posted on your website or social media, not wondering if it really looks like that.

Getting a peek behind the scenes is essential for service-based businesses. Clients want to see the real people working on their projects, not stock photos. Your office, studio, and company has a culture all their own - one that resonates with the clients you enjoy working with the most. Bring those clients into that culture with thoughtful documentation of your workflow and space.

Studio portraits start at $225. Group rates available.

Retainers start at $300/month.

Please contact me for a custom quote for foundation collections, events and non-retainer projects.