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Why should high schoolers have all the glory? University Graduate Portraits ARE HERE!

Why should high school seniors have all the fun and get all the glory? Amirite?!?!

This year I was happy to photograph three Oregon State University Seniors as they neared graduation last weekend.  As we worked together I remembered how hard I worked to graduate from OSU and wished that I had given my (super) senior status more credit. After all, it was waaaay harder to make it through college than high school.  I still spend a lot of time on campus teaching photography classes at the OSU Craft Center and for OSU KidSpirit – so I see what these students are doing to make the most of their education.

I also remember how tight money was back then… ouch!

With all of this in mind I am happy to offer University/College Graduate  Senior Portrait Mini Session for $150 ($200 off high school senior full session price) each year during April + May. These portraits will celebrate you, your accomplishments, and be a great gift to those who supported you through school.

Congratulations to Geoffrey, Rebecca, and Jacob!Class of 2015 Oregon State Graduate Portrait Class of 2015 Oregon State Graduate Portrait Class of 2015 Oregon State Graduate Portrait Class of 2015 Oregon State Graduate Portrait Class of 2015 Oregon State Graduate Portrait Senior Recital Class of 2015 Oregon State Graduate Portrait Senior Recital Class of 2015 Oregon State Graduate Portrait Senior Recital Oregon State University Senior Portrait Photography_0007 Oregon State University Senior Portrait Photography_0008 Oregon State University Senior Portrait Photography_0009

Now booking for High School Senior Portrait Sessions – Class of 2016!
Contact me for full info.

Ellie V | Class of 2016

Ellie VanDevelder | Class of 2016

Crescent Valley High School

Ultimate! . Best Laugh . Compassionate . Freckles . Curious

High School Senior in a black polo shirt sitting on steps in Corvallis High School Senior in shirt and vest standing beside steps in Corvallis High School Senior laughing wile sitting in the grass and daisies High School Senior in blue button up looking cool in the grass High School Senior lounging in the the daisies and smiling High School Senior wearing yellow school jersey High School Senior laying in the grass with yellow school jersey and frisbee

Contact me today to book your SENIOR PORTRAIT session. …adventure awaits!

Emily B | CHS Class of 2015

Emily Bostrom | Class of 2015

Corvallis High School

Ginger . Brave . Bright Eyes . Thoughtful . Independent

senior girl sitting on logs floating in a small lake in corvallis oreogn

redhead girl sitting criss-cross on logs in a pondgirl walking down logs floating on the watersenior girl leaning against wooden posts in fieldginger girl leaning on post in tall grass in corvallis oregonginger senior in front of logs and bricks for portraitssenior girl with crumbling bricks at ee wilsonred head in pink dress surrounded by concretebeautiful redhead walking through tall grass field in corvallis oregonbrave red hair on senior girl in grassy field for portraitssenior girl in pink dress surrounded by golden tall grass for portraits

Senior portraits are the perfect place to be expressive + show the world who you are! Please contact me for full details + booking.

Kris B | CHS Class of 2015

Kris Baker | Class of 2015

Corvallis High School

Funny, Active, Independent, Strawberry, Caring


Victoria Ann | Corvallis Newborn Photography

Welcome to the world baby Victoria!
There’s nothing more unpredictable about a baby than their arrival. When Mama, Candace, was a little early with number two and her original photographer was late with her second it threw off their newborn portrait plans. It should have been the other way around, but babies aren’t known for caring about “schedules” or “plans” or “Mama’s Sleep”.
Fortunately we live in a wonderful, supportive community where photographers can send their clients to one of the others when plans need to change. We all know that our fellow photographers are going to treat that client with the same care and respect that we would, and can rest easy (perhaps with a new baby) knowing that everything will be taken care of.

Baby Victoria and her Mommy came to my studio when she was just over a week old for these adorable portraits. She’s already full of energy, smiles, and expression. I can’t wait to watch her grow into a beautiful young lady. Enjoy 🙂

Katelyn B | CHS Class of 2015

Katelyn Beilby | Class of 2015

Corvallis High School

Bright . Joyful . Volunteer . Dog Lover . Million Watt Smile

Mia Daniela | Chicago Newborn Photography


What a crazy world we live in…

I recently went to Chicago to photograph one of my best friend’s wedding and what was already a very busy weekend got a little busier as we welcomed baby Mia into her family. I’m going to summarize the amazingness that Labor Day Weekend was just so you can begin to understand what this weekend will mean for these families for the rest of their lives. Sunday August 31st was Margaux + Ron’s wedding day AND Ron’s Grandmother’s 92nd birthday. On the last dance Margaux’s Grandmother was rockin’ the dance floor so hard that she fractured her hip (went to the hospital, got fixed up a couple days later, she’s emotionally ready to dance again). The next morning, Monday September 1st, Mariela (Ron’s Brother’s Lady) went into labor and welcomed Mia later that afternoon. The next day, Tuesday September 2nd, was Mariela’s birthday. HOLY COW!!! That’s going to be a busy family weekend from now on…

When Steve and Mariela came to get me at O’Hare the Thursday before I knew she wouldn’t make her due date 2 weeks away. I half joked that if she went into labor while I was still in town that I would come do birth photography and newborn portraits for them… or geez even stay an extra day no problem. Baby Mia must have heard me give her the green light, because she give her mama no end of get-me-out-of-here sass until she joined the fun.

Lianna Daisy | Corvallis Newborn Photography

More than a week late, baby Lianna arrived with so much anticipation and love ready to greet her. Scheduling in newborn sessions can be tricky, as I’ve mentioned before, and scheduling birth photography can be even more so… Unfortunately my ninth anniversary and her being delivered by C-section got in the way of her birth being documented. Instead we’ll get to watch her grow over the next year in three sessions at newborn, 6 months, and one year. I can’t wait to see those curious eyes at our next meeting 🙂

Hoff-Breslin Family | A Typical Morning…

What does your typical morning look like? For many of us it include breakfast, coffee, and planning out the rest of your day. For Azadeh and Nick it also includes playtime and caring for their 2 1/2 year old, Winter (shy wild, absolutely curious), and their 3 month old twins, Wren and Forest (happy, roly-poly, also curious). Perhaps needless to say this chapter in their lives as a family is busy, bordering on crazy… and I can’t think of a more authentic moment to capture.

I arrived at their house just South of Corvallis early in the morning – at least early for a photo session, they’d been up for a hours already. The sky had a haziness to it that would make the light glow orange and kept the harshest shadows away. Mama, Winter, and Wren were sitting on the couch looking over a soft fabric book documenting Winter’s first year. Soon it was time to make oats in Winter’s play kitchen. I could tell right away that this was an important activity for him. He carefully prepared and served the invisible oats including a generous portion of invisible dark-dark (brown sugar). Soon Forest joined the family in the play room and it was oats for everyone! We wandered out to their hammock to enjoy the fresh morning air and some cuddles. Wren and Forest were constantly greeted by kisses and snuggles by their family – they love to smile and coo. Some movement became necessary as the littles grew restless with sitting mostly still around the hammock, so we explored the tall grass behind the house and made our way over to the their garden and blueberry bushes. Most of the berries had already been picked for breakfast scones that morning, but there were a few left.

If there’s one thing that strongly bonds a mother and child it is nursing. Since this is a big part of Azadeh’s life, especially pulling double duty to feed growing twins, she decided that it should also be part of their session. I actually really enjoy photos of mothers nursing because there is so much intimacy, love, care, and real life happening in a single image.
After a healthy meal the twins were ready for a nap, Winter and Papa were already busy playing with some building toys, and soon we were back to eating invisible oats. There was some more playing with Mama and Papa before we ended the session with a family foot photo.

I can’t wait to watch this family grow and tell their story.

Tara + Sam | Romantic Maternity on the Oregon Coast

Sam took Tara to the coast for her birthday weekend back in mid-July. We decided to meet at North Fogarty Creek State Park for their maternity session. The forecast called for partially cloudy, no wind. ….and for some strange reason I believed them. While the wind was fairly minimal there was hardly a cloud in site. I was hoping for some big puffy clouds and a sparsely populated setting, but the sun brought folks to the beach, so we had to share. Tara + Sam are expecting a squishy little girl in mid-September. Yay!