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Amanda + Calvin | Sweet Love on Oregon State Campus

Last year a couple things came around full circle for me. One of those things was an opportunity to teach at the OSU MU Craft Center. I took my very first B&W darkroom class there more than half my life ago, worked at the front desk when I was a student in the photography program, and spent countless nights developing film under the safe light. When they needed another instructor I was excited to return years later as an instructor. That’s where I met Amanda (Manager Amanda, I’m Photo Amanda). After connecting on facebook I got to see photos of her freaking out when her man arrived home – unannounced SURPRISE! – after months abroad playing/teaching basketball. My first thought was, “Yaaaaaaaaay!!! Happy Day!!!” My second thought was, “Damn check out the height difference on those two! That would be a bitch to photograph…” Which promptly lead me to asking her if she and Calvin wouldn’t mind helping me work on posing and directing a couple with an extreme height disparity (such as themselves) by modeling for me. Double bonus points for me because they also had never had professional portraits done and I would get even more practice working with folks who have little to no experience being directed for photography.

We stayed on Oregon State University campus for their session. It’s a beautiful campus, it’s where they met, Calvin played many a game at Gill Coliseum, and it’s where Amanda will graduate from later this year. The thing I loved most about working with these two, besides that they’re just the sweetest ever and follow directions beautifully, is that they laugh together. …like a lot. And Amanda has a loud, itself hilarious, wonderful laugh and Calvin loves to make her laugh. Awwwwwwww! Now I can only hope that if these two crazy kids ever decide to get engaged that whoever does that asking will know to have me hiding in a nearby bush/garbage can to capture the whole thing. ::cough:: hint! ::cough::

Corvallis Oregon State Couples Photography_0105 Corvallis Oregon State Couples Photography_0100 Corvallis Oregon State Couples Photography_0101 Corvallis Oregon State Couples Photography_0103 Corvallis Oregon State Couples Photography_0102 Corvallis Oregon State Couples Photography_0104 Corvallis Oregon State Couples Photography_0106 Corvallis Oregon State Couples Photography_0107 Corvallis Oregon State Couples Photography_0109 Corvallis Oregon State Couples Photography_0108

Sami + Sean | Mini Session in Downtown Phoenix

I spent a few days in early September in Phoenix, AZ for my very first Big Fake Wedding experience (featured on RuffledBlog & BFW Blog). While I was there I was fortunate enough to connect with Sami + Sean for a mini session and Downtown Phoenix adventure. I met Sami last year at her sister’s surprise birthday party (who happens to be Ali Briskey – amazing florist!) and was immediately so sad that she lived all the way down in Arizona. Sami’s joy, smile, and laugh are infectious …therefore it’s no surprise that the man she married just a few months later was equally as kind, funny, and welcoming.

Honestly I had hoped to do several mini sessions in the Phoenix area while I was there, but alas weekdays are difficult for most folks, especially when sunset is shortly after quittin’ time.

Sean had scouted some good locations for us and off we went! It was a humid day as a storm prepared to roll in from the west. Lucky for me the rain didn’t hit for a couple more days. Unlucky though was that the clouds that evening were thick and killed the end of our golden hour.

I wasn’t sure how I would like working in Phoenix, but now I can say that I LOOOVE it! The terrain, the colors, the light, the architecture… everything feels so new and different. You know the saying that variety is the spice of life? Well it’s more like candy for photographers!


Downtown Phoenix Arizona Anniversary Photography_0012 Downtown Phoenix Arizona Anniversary Photography_0013 Downtown Phoenix Arizona Anniversary Photography_0015 Downtown Phoenix Arizona Anniversary Photography_0018 Downtown Phoenix Arizona Anniversary Photography_0017 Downtown Phoenix Arizona Anniversary Photography_0019 Downtown Phoenix Arizona Anniversary Photography_0020 Downtown Phoenix Arizona Anniversary Photography_0021 Downtown Phoenix Arizona Anniversary Photography_0023

Why should high schoolers have all the glory? University Graduate Portraits ARE HERE!

Why should high school seniors have all the fun and get all the glory? Amirite?!?!

This year I was happy to photograph three Oregon State University Seniors as they neared graduation last weekend.  As we worked together I remembered how hard I worked to graduate from OSU and wished that I had given my (super) senior status more credit. After all, it was waaaay harder to make it through college than high school.  I still spend a lot of time on campus teaching photography classes at the OSU Craft Center and for OSU KidSpirit – so I see what these students are doing to make the most of their education.

I also remember how tight money was back then… ouch!

With all of this in mind I am happy to offer University/College Graduate  Senior Portrait Mini Session for $150 ($200 off high school senior full session price) each year during April + May. These portraits will celebrate you, your accomplishments, and be a great gift to those who supported you through school.

Congratulations to Geoffrey, Rebecca, and Jacob!Class of 2015 Oregon State Graduate Portrait Class of 2015 Oregon State Graduate Portrait Class of 2015 Oregon State Graduate Portrait Class of 2015 Oregon State Graduate Portrait Class of 2015 Oregon State Graduate Portrait Senior Recital Class of 2015 Oregon State Graduate Portrait Senior Recital Class of 2015 Oregon State Graduate Portrait Senior Recital Oregon State University Senior Portrait Photography_0007 Oregon State University Senior Portrait Photography_0008 Oregon State University Senior Portrait Photography_0009

Now booking for High School Senior Portrait Sessions – Class of 2016!
Contact me for full info.

Ellie V | Class of 2016

Ellie VanDevelder | Class of 2016

Crescent Valley High School

Ultimate! . Best Laugh . Compassionate . Freckles . Curious

High School Senior in a black polo shirt sitting on steps in Corvallis High School Senior in shirt and vest standing beside steps in Corvallis High School Senior laughing wile sitting in the grass and daisies High School Senior in blue button up looking cool in the grass High School Senior lounging in the the daisies and smiling High School Senior wearing yellow school jersey High School Senior laying in the grass with yellow school jersey and frisbee

Contact me today to book your SENIOR PORTRAIT session. …adventure awaits!

Lauren + Cody | Romantic Fall Mini Session

I recently got to work with Lauren [LewLew] at a summer day camp while I was teaching some photography classes. She the kind of person that everyone is drawn to; with her bright personality and “gettin’ it done so we can go play” attitude. So then it’s no wonder that her bf wanted her all to himself and put a ring on it this summer. Yay! Their love is sweet and fueled by the other person’s happiness… like showing up for a romantic fall mini session with a double ear infection.

We met at Peoria Road Farm to take in the orchard, the colors, and whatever crops hadn’t been harvested yet – corn. It was a foggy/misty day so I had no difficulty getting Lauren + Cody to be snuggly. They even let me take some experimental photos that turned out beautifully!

Congratulations to the newly weds <3 Newly wed couple cuddling in rich fall colors at apple orchardfall couple hugging in an oregon peach orchard on misty daynewly weds walking through oregon peach orchard in the fallcute couple snuggling under oregon peach trees on misty fall daycute husband whispering into his wife's ear at corn fieldcouple hiding in the corn mazecute couple trying to stay warm in woven blanket under yellow aspen treesromantic black and white double exposure of newly wed couple

Emily B | CHS Class of 2015

Emily Bostrom | Class of 2015

Corvallis High School

Ginger . Brave . Bright Eyes . Thoughtful . Independent

senior girl sitting on logs floating in a small lake in corvallis oreogn

redhead girl sitting criss-cross on logs in a pondgirl walking down logs floating on the watersenior girl leaning against wooden posts in fieldginger girl leaning on post in tall grass in corvallis oregonginger senior in front of logs and bricks for portraitssenior girl with crumbling bricks at ee wilsonred head in pink dress surrounded by concretebeautiful redhead walking through tall grass field in corvallis oregonbrave red hair on senior girl in grassy field for portraitssenior girl in pink dress surrounded by golden tall grass for portraits

Senior portraits are the perfect place to be expressive + show the world who you are! Please contact me for full details + booking.

Kris B | CHS Class of 2015

Kris Baker | Class of 2015

Corvallis High School

Funny, Active, Independent, Strawberry, Caring


Ludwig Maternity + Family Portraits | Corvallis, Or

I love my little sister and her growing family <3

She was much happier this time during her maternity portrait session than when she was pregnant with my, now 2 year old, nephew Troy… maybe that’s because this time she isn’t 8 1/2 months pregnant. hahaha… timing can be everything. I usually prefer to do maternity sessions during the 7th month. Mama’s tummy has rounded out a bit,  but she’s still comfortable and can move around easily. Jennifer was just passed the 6 month mark when we did this session last week. We were lucky that her husband’s work schedule didn’t change out from under us and we were able to do a full family session for the Ludwigs 🙂 We met at Finley Wildlife Refuge just south of Corvallis. Jennifer wanted that location after seeing photos from another maternity session there back in March. Even though it was the same place we were able to make it unique for her and her family. Congratulations Jennifer, TJ, and BIG brother Troy!!!

p.s. Many thanks to “Monday” and Papa for helping Troy smile and laugh.