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Kate + Katie | Elopement at Shevlin Park

I don’t always have the pleasure and opportunity to spend time with my couples before their wedding day.

Such was the case with Kate + Katie… in fact we met for the first time when they arrived at Shevlin Park to be married. I always encourage my clients to take advantage of an engagement session, we usually meet up a few times to discuss particulars over coffee, I attend rehearsal the day before, then I spend the bulk of the wedding day with both of them. But sometimes even though you’re clients live busy lives in Portland you still feel connected to them the moment you see them walking toward you. I suppose when you’re radiating love and light on your wedding day it’s easy to share that with everyone you see. 🙂

Kate + Katie met through a mutual friend. According to them they were friends for 6 months “…then we weren’t [just friends].” They enjoy spending their time together hiking, traveling, going to concerts, and playing with their dog, Chance. These two beauties were surrounded by their families and closest friends for a very intimate elopement style service performed by Kate’s brother. Tumalo Creek sang behind them as Kate + Katie shared their vows and exchanged rings. They promised the be kind, patient, to love each other for who they are and for who they will be.

Q1. What was your favorite part of the day?

K+K: Our favorite part of the day was standing in front of our family, saying our vows with the river in the background.

Q2: What are you most looking forward to in married life?

K+K: We’re most looking forward to sharing our lives together and building a family.

Q3: What advice would you like to share with others?

K+K: Our advice is to be present and focus on each other.

Venue // Shevlin Park, Bend Oregon Photography // Amanda Photographic Coordinating // AE Creative Dresses // BHLDN Flowers // Donner Flower Shop Rings // Twist HMUA // Julianna Clausen Music //Quinn DeVeaux Reception // 900 Wall

Alison & Austin | Wildfire Romance at Five Pine Lodge, Sisters Oregon

Remember that time when Central Oregon was heavy with wildfire smoke… yea, we all do.

Fortunately for Alison & Austin the Millie Fire didn’t advance far enough to put a damper on their wedding day at Five Pine Lodge in Sisters, Oregon. The air was still scratchy and it “looked like” a thick overcast or fog was looming in the sky, if it wasn’t for the plenty high temps and red glowing sun you’d almost believe it.

Both having Oregon roots, Alison & Austin chose Central Oregon for their ceremony with their love of the outdoors, mountains, and our favorite… beer! They also enjoy “good tv”, eating amazing food, and fun music. In fact their first dates included the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Fransisco and a Stanford vs. OSU football game. “I can’t believe we rooted for Stanford!”, said Alison. Lol! Speaking of fun music, a friend of Alison’s from high school was their live band – professional honky tonk one man show!!! It was glorious.

My favorite parts of the day: Alison’s Trample the Patriarchy unicorn tank top and GORGEOUS blue & gold wedding dress <3, them both working so hard to keep it together during their vows… even though I insisted that they let it out and cry, those custom riiiiiings, forgoing cake for dessert and having Addy Mac’s ice cream instead!

Here’s what they had to say about their special day:

1. What was your favorite part of the day?

Alison: My favorite part of the day was walking into the wedding venue after the ceremony and greeting all of our guests. It’s a really rare thing to be in a large crowd of people where everyone you see is not only someone you know, but also someone you really like! On top of that, I knew that each one of my guests had made a lot of effort to travel to the wedding venue just to show their support for me and Austin. So each time I said hi to a different person, I was overwhelmed with the love their presence suggested and how much each person clearly cared about me. I was left with a very full heart after having everybody I care most about in one place at one time!

Austin: Seeing Alison for the first time and being absolutely blown away! Also the combination of Alison / her amazing dress / the FivePine landscape / the smoky alien sun just made for an incredible scene.

2. What are you most looking forward to in married life?

Alison: I’m most looking forward to seeing how Austin and I change and grow together over the years. We’ve known each other for five years now, and every single year we grow up a little bit and also grow a little bit closer. We challenge each other to be kind, thoughtful, and empathetic people not only towards others, but also to each other and to ourselves. Now that our lives are officially entwined, I hope our insight and care will lead to an even deeper relationship that allows us to support each other through whatever obstacles lie ahead.

Austin: Hanging out with my best friend every day and knowing we get to do that for the rest of our lives!!

3. What advice would you like to share with others?

Alison: My advice for wedding planning is to hire good people (like Amanda!) who clearly know what they are doing and really know the whole process. Then, give them a little guidance on the vision, hand them a check, and let them take over the rest. I had an amazing time on my wedding day and wasn’t stressed during the planning process because I didn’t go insane over every tiny little detail. There were still inane details for which I was the one that eventually had to make the decision, like what color pens I wanted for my guest book and how to display the seating charts. In those cases, I spent a short while looking at options, and then just made a decision, ordered the necessary things from Amazon, and then crossed that action item off my list. You can spend forever optimizing, but in the end, what people really remember about the wedding is how much fun everyone had! No matter how beautiful your seating chart is, people won’t be talking about it for years to come like they will be talking about the smile on your face.

Austin: For the wedding: Make it your own day – don’t be bound by traditions that you think are important to other people. Make your OWN traditions that reflect your values and what has brought you together as a couple. Everyone will recognize the authenticity and embrace it (otherwise why are they at your wedding?!?)


Creative Team

Venue & Catering // Five Pine Lodge & Conference Center  Photographer & Photo-Booth // Amanda Photographic  Florals // Woodland Floral  HMUA // Makeup Mafia  Dessert // Addy Mac’s Ice Cream Second Photographer // Andrew Paul Photography Assistant // Sara Mansfield Ceremony Music // Sam Saunders (Alison’s Brother) Reception Music // Mario Carboni “The Honky Tonk Rebel” Custom Rings // Waylon Rhoads Dress & Suit // Nordstrom

Romantic Styled Elopement at Smith Rock

Every photographer has a place that they dream of working at someday.

Maybe it’s a fancy hotel or resort, maybe it’s a foreign country (Thailand, Morocco, Italy please), or a place with sentimental meaning. For me that place was close to home, and even closer when we made the move over the mountains to Bend – Smith Rock State Park.

I had never been to this Oregon gem until we moved to Central Oregon. Now I can’t seem to stop showing up and suggesting it to clients. The landscape is dramatic and beautiful. A rock climbers paradise, it’s also perfect hikers, bird watching, sunsets, and of course photography. When I decided to do a series of micro styled shoots during the off season I wanted to be there while there was still a little snow to give the rock formations some additional definition and deter the hundreds of people that visit the park on any given day.  The snow came, and came, and came, and then it wasn’t funny anymore because it just wouldn’t stop. Shoots were pushed back so that models could safely travel and vendors could get supplies delivered. For this shoot we ended up losing the snow, but don’t worry it was plenty cold by the end of the day when the wind started to pick up with cold air from the mountains.

Melinda and Brandon are a beautiful couple that were perfect for any styled shoot… mostly because they’re crazy stupid in love with each other. We put Melinda in a two-piece dress with a large skirt to start and changed into a long formal gown with illusion cutouts for a less bridal look at the end. Brandon rocked a rich jewel toned outfit with a funfetti shirt and a pair of hiking boots… duh Smith Rock. We worked and laughed and worked until we were all too cold and hungry to continue.

Now I have to find another dream location. I’m open to suggestions…

Photography // Amanda Photographic

Floral Crown // Summer Robbins Flowers

Dresses // Bella Brides

Menswear // Revolvr

HMUA // Desert Rose Bridal Styling

Snowy Winter Styled Bridal Shoot

It was so cold. Like so cold it took me until June to thaw out enough to blog about this shoot.

But seriously this shoot was an undertaking that required all of our skills, ideas, and fast thinking. Cars got stuck in the snow, flowers were frozen, and there was a frost bite scare after I worked for hours without being able to feel my feet. In the end it was all worth the discomfort. …hot toddies helped.

Thank you to Robin Schneider of Desert Rose Bridal Styling for her vision and coordination of this shoot.

Photography // Amanda Photographic

HMUA // Desert Rose Bridal Styling

Rentals // Peanut’s Gallery

Dessert // Dreamin Desserts

Venue // Healing Reins Therapeutic Riding Center

Floral // Hart Floral

Dress // Helen Manuell Bridal Couture

Jewelry // Citrine Bling

Model // Rachel Schneider

Jessica + Aaron | Snowy Elopement at Fort Rock

Snowy Winter Elopement at Fort Rock Central Oregon

What do you do when you’re not really into the idea of planning a big wedding? You elope!

…but first you have to get engaged. Last spring J+A took a vacation to Hawaii (jealous) and as you might expect wanted to do some exploring. They started on a short side-trip on their way to Hana to a quite little town; as they walked down the dilapidated road they found a beautiful secluded beach. They sat there watching the waves crash on the rocks when Aaron took Jessica’s hand, knelt down on one knee, and asked her to marry him! In her own words [she] was not expecting this! …ummm I’m pretty sure that’s the idea. lol!

Jessica + Aaron wanted something low-key and scenic for their ceremony to stay in line with their overall personalities and love of the outdoors.  They invited Aaron’s brother and a few close friends to be witnesses and officiate – they spent the weekend cooking, playing games, and enjoying the fresh powder.  I loved how personal they made everything, while still keeping it very simple, proving that meaningful is always better than basically anything else. Instead of rings they chose to tie a knot using two colors of climbing rope – because they’re the adventurous type – and picked a knot that each piece played an equal role in its formation and strength. They shared vows that focused on loving each other for who they are as individuals as well as supporting growth and deepening their relationship. Though I have to say that my favorite part was that everyone was wearing snowshoes or yaktrax, oh yeah AND that we celebrated with rootbeer floats at the local diner after the ceremony!!! …because that’s how we role in Central Oregon.

Q: What was your favorite part of the day?

Jessica: My favorite part of the day was spending time with everyone and feeling an overwhelming sense of joy that was present in every moment. From cooking breakfast, to getting ready, to the drive over, the ceremony itself and the celebration after. It wasn’t stressful or rushed at all. We all just had time to be together and enjoy each others companionship.

Q: What are you most looking forward to?

Jessica: I am looking forward to sharing more adventures together, to being beside each other through life’s difficulties, and to celebrate the good things that happen every day.

Q: What advice do you have for others?

Jessica: Advice is to keep things simple and personal. Once planning my wedding became about making it a special day for me and Aaron, and not worrying about the “norms” or what other people would like, I was able to relax and I actually was excited about the process. Hunting down each element of my wedding outfit, developing the knot-tying ceremony, and scouting the perfect location for our ceremony with Aaron were all fun parts of the pre-wedding process. It was kind of crazy how quickly the ceremony buzzed by, and thinking how much time and energy was put into crafting that 5 or 10 minutes of scripted behavior. Being surrounded by the right people in an inspiring place made it easy for the rest of the day unfold. And having [Amanda] there to help guide us through the day was invaluable so she could capture all the special moments that we’ll now have to remember forever in photos. That took a lot of planning and thought off of my plate.

Venue // Fort Rock State Park

Photography // Amanda Photographic

Floral // Summer Robbins Flowers

Literally everything else // DIY

Danna + Uriah | Snowy Elopement at Brasada Ranch


What can I say about Danna + Uriah?

These two are crazy stupid in love, super cool rockers, and have excellent taste in champagne!

I met up with Danna a couple weeks before their elopement date to get to know her and work on a logistical plan for their day. It was going to be a simple day with all the best visual elements of a full wedding; she had a cocktail length beaded dress (YASSSS!!!) and flowers from Summer Robbins, while Uriah had a gray suit and would be sporting his vans (Perfect!). They reserved a cabin at Brasada Ranch just outside Bend where they would have their sunset ceremony and we planned to take all their photos around the property before hand. Everything went according to plan except for one teensy thing… it snowed like 2 feet just days before! This elopement just turned into a winter wonderland of freezing amazingness!!!

Danna + Uriah met at a local bar when he put her favorite band, Clutch, on the jukebox. “You don’t even know who that is!”, shouted Danna. “Yea, I do!”, he replied and proceeded to put every single Clutch song into the cue and sang ALL of them with her. Awwwwww! The next night Uriah made her dinner – chicken and kale – and it was looooove. But Danna was moving to Costa Rica, so they spent every available waking moment together. After awhile in Costa Rica Uriah reached out asking her to come back and immediately whisked her off to Mexico for a sunny vacay where he proposed.

I am so excited for these two! They share such a wonderful love of adventure, life, and of course each other.

brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0100 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0107 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0109 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0106 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0101 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0110 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0112 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0111 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0115 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0113 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0103 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0116 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0117 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0118 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0119 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0120 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0121 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0122 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0123 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0124 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0125 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0126 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0127 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0128 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0129 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0114 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0130 brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-elopement-photography_0105

Winter Bridal at Brasada Ranch | Powell Butte, Oregon

120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-100 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-103 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-108 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-114 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-115 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-132 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-127 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-133 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-141 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-137 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-145 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-153 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-159 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-166 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-170 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-174 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-178 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-180 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-192 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-196 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-202 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-210 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-216 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-211 120916-brasada-ranch-bend-oregon-winter-snowy-bridal-photography-220

Venue // Brasada Ranch  –  Powell Butte, Oregon

Dress // Bella Brides  –  Bend, Oregon

Hair & Makeup // Robin Schneider of Desert Rose Bridal Styling  –  Bend, Oregon

Darlene + Joel | Falling In Love With Fall…

bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0103 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0100 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0101 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0102 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0105 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0104 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0106 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0107 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0108 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0109 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0110 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0115 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0111 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0113 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0114 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0116 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0118 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0117 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0119 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0112 bend-sisters-oregon-fall-elopement-photography_0120

Dress & Hair Comb | Bella Bride Bend, Or

Menswear | Revolvr Bend, Or

Location | Open Space in Sisters, Or

High Desert Glamping | Stylized Wedding in Central Oregon

Theme // Glamping (Glamorous + Camping)

Colors & Patterns // Red plaid, Navy, Yellow, and Espresso

Venue // Five Pine Lodge   Coordinator // Everything Else Events   Photography // Amanda Photographic   Florist // Summer Robbins Flowers   Cake // Foxtail Bakeshop   Bar + Papergoods // AE Creative   Dress // Bella Brides   Hair & Make Up // Edge Hair & Make Up   Menswear // Revolvr & The Alley   Tablescape Rentals // Special Occasions   Misc Rentals // The Inkwell

At the beginning of this year, shortly after moving to Bend, I was excited to photograph a styled shoot for Everything Else Events. Extra exciting was helping them find local vendors to feature, which gave me a great excuse to make connections with some of my favorite people in Central Oregon!

>>> This shoot was featured on Fab You Bliss and Aisle Society <<<

032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-12 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-21 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-59 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-149 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-133 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-138 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-161 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-85 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-117 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-275 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-94 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-126 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-116 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-268 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-50 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-244 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-247 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-46 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-33 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-67 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-63 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-351 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-364 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-401 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-24 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-185 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-200 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-205 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-296 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-336 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-231 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-233 032316-central-oregon-glamping-wedding-photography-414

Heather + Tyler | Line Dancing Wedding at Dee Bar Farms

Newly weds at summer country wedding on dee bar farms powell butte oregon

If there’s one thing that Central Oregon has no shortage of it’s SUNSHINE! While I never wish for rain at a wedding, I do usually wish for a nice overcast or big billowy clouds to help shield myself and my couple from the harsh sunlight. Heather + Tyler’s wedding at Dee Bar Farms in Powell Butte gave me a big lesson in the how to work when there’s no hope for shade and also about the beauty in the vibrant colors the direct sun produces.

The day was hooooot. I felt bad for the guys in their three-piece suits and for the bride in her GORGEOUS, but heavy, gown. Despite the heat the entire wedding party kept a high morale the entire day and danced their booties off late into the night. Dee Bar Farms is a working quarter-horse ranch, boarding, and training facility. They’ve recently opened up their front pasture and open-sided barn for weddings and small events. An adorable bridge takes you to the tiny island with a single willow tree that’s surrounded by an equally tiny mote filled with frogs and tadpoles; while the Cascade mountains from Bachelor to Jefferson sit quietly in the background waiting for sunset.

It’s difficult for me to pick a favorite part of the day… there were sooooo many great moments! 1. Silly bridesmaids going the extra mile by fanning Heather under her dress to help keep her cool. 2. Cheeky Minister. …seriously the best ever! 3. Ring Bearer Dogs!!! Dozer + Diesel were the most well behaved ring dogs I’ve ever seen and completely worked their entrance song “Who Let The Dogs Out?!” 4. When the flower girl, Regan, stopped the show because her little shoe came untied mid aisle. Her brother even tried to help by gently attempting to push her down the aisle. Lol! 5. The entire wedding party line-dancing to “Boot Scootin’ Boggie” for their reception entrance. 6. Tyler’s …ummm enthusiastic dance for taking off Heather’s garter. Just watch Magic Mike to get an idea. I could easily name a million more things that were wonderful about this day, but then you’d never get to see the photos.

Here’s what Heather + Tyler had to say about their wedding, what they’re looking forward to, and what they’d like to share with others.

1. What was your favorite part of the wedding day?

Heather : That’s a hard question, every part was amazing! Some of my favorite moments included finally being announced as Husband and Wife and then the incredible dance party!

Tyler: When I first saw my beautiful Bride followed by the dogs walking down the isle and dancing with people we haven’t seen in a long time.

2. What are you most looking forward to in married life?

Heather and Tyler: For people not asking when we are going to be married 😉

Heather: We’ve basically lived the married life for a while now, so it will be awesome to finally be able to call Tyler my Husband.

Tyler: Heather has been in my phone as “wife” since soon after dating, so now that name has finally come true. Excited for Heather and I to share the same last name.

3. What advice would you like to share with others?

Heather: During the planning process and day of, take time to breath and take it all in. It will all come together in the end! Having a ladies craft night was one of my favorite planning ideas. Nothing better than crafting for the wedding with drinks and a great group of girls. The wedding day goes by too fast, allow extra time for everything! Relationship advice: Never hang up the phone or go to bed angry.

Tyler: Embrace all the chaos, even though it seems stressful at the time, you are still creating lifelong memories. Relationship advice: No matter the argument or situation, your wife is always right (so I’ve been told).

Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0102 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0100 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0105 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0108 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0107 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0128 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0103 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0104 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0101 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0111 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0109 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0110 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0112 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0113 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0114 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0115 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0116 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0117 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0118 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0119 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0120 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0124 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0121 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0122 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0123 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0127 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0129 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0126 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0134 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0130 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0131 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0132 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0133 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0135 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0136 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0137 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0138 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0139 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0140 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0144 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0142 Bend Central Oregon Country Farm Wedding Photography_0143

Venue // Dee Bar Farms

Photographer // Amanda Photographic

Second Photographer // Mallory Torchio

Coordination //  Abigail Colombo

Floral // Ana’s Rose ‘n’ Thorn

Dessert // Liq-her Cupcakes

Catering // El Rancho Grande

DJ // Central Oregon DJ – Eric Van Dyke

Invitations // Wedding Paper Divas

Formal Wear // Cordially Invited

H&MUA // Misty O’Brien

Signage // Kate Mitchell