April + Clare | Glam Shades and Love at Jupiter Hotel | Portland, Ore.

It was hooooooooooooot for Clare + April's much anticipated wedding day. So hot that all you wanted to was sit in the shade and drink cold beer. ...which is pretty much how folks spent the first half of the day. April + Clare's wedding was centered around celebration and community, so it was very important to both of them that they got to spend a lot of time with their friends and family before the festivities kicked off. The wedding party was lively and kept the mood fun and full of laughter - just the kind of people you want by your side when you say I do. Everyone was given a glass of champange to toast with after Clare + April said their vows and shared a kiss. Cheers! These two are soooo loved by their community that it actually made photographing them dancing together a little difficult. It was never more than a few seconds when one of their friends or family would see an opportunity and cut-in for a big hug. In wedding photography that's a pretty good problem to have.