Kaira + Dave | Colorful Latvian Wedding at SAM | Seattle, Wa.

Things you MUST know about Kaira + Dave... 1. They met at a week-long Latvian retreat in Malibu, CA that peaked with a NYE party in LA. Kaira was there with her sister, Audra, and they both joked that their Mom had sent them on this trip to meet single Latvian men. 2. On Valentine’s Day 2015 Dave surprised Kaira with a trip to Hawaii! After a day of exploring the big island Dave proposed while they watched the sunset AND an active volcano. 3. The whole wedding was in Latvian, with some of it repeated in English, overlooking the Olympic Sculpture Park section of the Seattle Art Museum and Puget Sound. 4. They had wedding pie… because they’re awesome! 5. Latvians know how to daaaaance. No joke, with a live band the dance floor was full for like 4 straight hours. ...even the bartenders were dancing while pouring cocktails.